Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Tonight the Cottondusts family is up to absolutely nothing and loving it! We had BBQ sandwiches and ice cream for dinner. (No, I didn't make the BBQ sandwiches the supermarket Deli did) Cottonboll is sound asleep and has been since 8:30. Cottondust and I are watching a TV marathon, Dog the Bounty Hunters, his choice. I have to admit it is somewhat addicting, but I had to take a break. I can take only so much of male TV! I think we need to switch and watch a girl movie. Fools Gold maybe?

Tomorrow we are having breakfast with Cottondust's parents and then to my parent's house for lunch and Christmas. Yes Christmas on New Years day, but that was the only day all of us could get together and Mom wants it all. I tell ya. So no sleeping in for me.

Anyway Happy New Year to you and yours!

Tomorrow we will work on New Years Resolutions!

Please enjoy the dorky self portraits of us. It made us laugh so I thought I would share. Beware Very Dorky. HEHEHEHE

Of course Dakota is right there with us. Very Dorky but funny!

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neecie said...

This is too funny, we hung out at home and watched Dog, the bounty hunter too. How pitiful we are.