Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I should finish putting up my Christmas's tree, but I got distracted! Plus I need more lights. (i think. NO! I know I do!) so I will have to get out and go to wal-mart after Cottonboll's rest time.

Any way I though I would post pictures from some of Cottonboll's play dates.

A Tea party with our friends Lola and Xyla at our house before Halloween. The play date started off as a Jack-o-lantern drawing party ( Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the girls drawing their jack-o-lanterns.) After the Jack-o-lanterns the girls had "the biggest tea party ever"
Above Xlya is wearing the tiara. below is a better picture of her.

Xlya wearing the tiara

After Thanksgiving we met Xlya and her brother Zion at the Science Spectrum. I love play dates. The kiddos had a great time and Katrina I followed them around, encouraged them to try new things and visited.

The girls racing on the roller coaster cars!
I wish you could have heard them laughing!

Playing with the water in the water area.

Xlya and Zion in the firetruck

The girls climbing on the firetruck
Looking a fish. Trying to find Nemo and Dori

What a great play date. Thank you Katrina, Xlya and Zion

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