Monday, December 22, 2008

Tis the Season

Tis the Season! We had Christmas at Cottondust's family Sunday night. Cottondust's sister and her family (Steve and Zeke) were driving through to Odessa and stop for the night and Christmas. Cottondust's brother Daniel was unable to make it. Cottonboll misses you uncle Daniel!Picture of Uncle Daniel and Cottonboll at Thanksgiving.
Papa', Nana, Cottonboll and Zeke. Sorry Nana. The above picture is the best of the 2 pictures I got.

The second picture, with Zeke running away.

Cottonboll and Zeke opening presents.

Aunt Christina, Zeke and Cottonboll.

Aunt Christina Uncle Steve and Zeke.

Tis the Season
Merry Christmas!!!
Yes! I got the crock pot that I wanted! I'm planning to make a brisket Christmas Eve. Thanks Nana and Papa'

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