Sunday, December 14, 2008

Guess What!

Guess what. Today is Sunday December the 14th and my Christmas tree is still not up!! Can you believe that? I cant either! I usually put my Christmas tree up on thanksgiving day or the day after and here it is the 14th of December and my tree is still not up.!! Where has the time gone?
Let me tell you why the Christmas tree is not up.

Friday November 28th the day after thanksgiving I survived the stomach bug, work Saturday night Nov. 29th. Sunday Nov 30th slept till noon then did loads and loads of laundry. Help Cottondust pack. Got up super super early Monday Dec 1st took Cottondust to the airport. He was gone the entire 1st week in December and my Christmas decorations were in storage. I did not want to go get them and deal with that storage closet on my own (especially since Cottondust was the one who put all the stuff in storage). Cottondust got back December the 5th and I work December 5th and 6th. Before I left work I ask Cottondust to please do three things. 1. please go get the Christmas's stuff out of storage. 2. find a box in storage mark desk stuff and get my address book 3. convert Cottonboll's car seat to a booster seat. Guess how much was done Sunday when I got up. Nothing at all. yes NOTHING

My mothers old saying, ran through my head "pick your battles wisely." So I thought about it, is worth getting grouchy over, considering he has been gone a week and when he was finally home I had to work? Cottonboll missed him soooo much, she did not let him out of her sight all weekend. So I let it go. yes I let it go. I said we will go tomorrow and get the Christmas's stuff together.

We did not make it to storage on Monday or Tuesday. Finally Wednesday night we went and got the stuff and I found my address book, but the Christmas stuff is still in the garage! Thursdays was Cottonboll's Christmas party at her PDO, after the party I worked on Christmas's cards and yes I got them in the mail. Friday morning Cottonboll and I got up and I told her if we get the house clean we will put up the Christmas tree. We got the house clean but we ran out of time to put up the tree. Once again I worked Friday and Saturday night. Now we are back to Sunday I slept till about 2:00 pm today and got up brought grocery and ran other errands. Now it is about 10pm, Cottonboll is asleep and our tree is still not up!! God willing we will put the tree up tomorrow. Stay tune and if we actually get the tree up I will post pictures.

Love Treesa

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