Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas/New Years

Today we spent the day with my family. We all took lots of pictures and I thought I would post some. As in every picture of large group no one is looking were they are suppose to at the same time.

Back row from left to right. Neil (brother), Cottondust (half hidden), Dad, Melvin (brother in law). Second row Camie (sister in law), me, Mom, LaJeannia (sister), Third row Brandon, Sage, Emma, Fourth row Lilly and Cottonboll. ( i was attempting to proof read and just notice Emma's Face) hahaha.

The picture above, believe or not is the best out 24 pictures. The first time the timer went off the camera was set to take 8 pictures. My child yes, Cottonboll started to walk away after the first flash, so the next 7 pictures you can see Cottonboll walking off, then back on and then she stands there with hand over face laughing. The next series of 8 picture Camie my sister in law (the one on the left) was cut in half. So we scooted closer together and Brandon my nephew (the boy right in front of me and Cottondust) is covering half of Cottondust's face.
With my big mouth open saying Hey get back here!
But seriously the best out of 24. funny funny facial expression. Plus the Kiddos were done with standing still.
but silly us, we tried to get another picture of the Kiddos with Mema and Papa.
Family picture. LaJeannia is the oldest, me and then Neil.

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