Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It has been suggest, by some of you, that I to should have a nickname also. So while I was waiting for the DSL guy to come fix the DSL (needed a new modem) I thought long and hard for a name.

I thought about the word cotton and words related to cotton, like cottonball or cotton fiber....... no not right for me. I thought maybe Cotton Candy or Dustie, but they sounded to much like a stripper's name and to sweet to be me. (Don't get me wrong I am sweet, just not sugar sweet, the way Cotton Candy and Dustie made me think off. Does that makes sense to anyone else? or just me?)

Thought about Duster, but Duster made me think old worn dust cloth not me at all. SOOOO I continue to think and think. "think, think, think." Can anyone guess who says that? Cottonboll got it right off the bat!)

As I thought about a nickname for me it caused me to think about who I am and words I would use to describe myself. Hard day I tell ya. (Whewwwww) After I had enough of trying to come up with words to describe myself, I took a deep breath and pulled up the the good old thesaurus and dictionary. Nope, not much help there either, just confirmed my thoughts about Cottoncandy, Dustie and Duster.

Then I started to laugh, hahahahahahahehehe. I can't give myself a nickname. a nickname is given to you, So I guess I will stick to Treesa. Whew all that hard work for Treesa.


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