Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Christmas's tree is up!!!

Finally the tree is up!!! I guess we are ready for Christmas now. The tree has a Candy Cane, Santa Clause, snowman and everything theme.
Please excuse the mess I tried to move things so they were not in the picture.(hehe yes I said move not pick up.) But the tree is up. I cant do it all. Clean and put up the tree, I gave up on trying to do both or the tree would never get put up!!:)

Silly shot. Cottonboll is wearing her new Christmas's PJ's.

Silly girl!!!

Cottondust sat back on the couch, watch and would occasional say "I think that looks nice." So much help, I tell ya! but anyway HOORAY the tree is up!!!
What is up with that girl and sticking her tongue out?

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