Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crashed Emma's field trip

Cottonboll and I arrived at the Science Spectrum with Chick-fil-A, in hand for lunch. We planned to have lunch then enjoy the afternoon exploring and playing. When we pulled up and I noticed a school bus from the small town by brother and his family live. I wonder if Lily or Emma here? HMM Probably just a coincidence, could be any class from there.

We sat down had our lunch and no sign of my nieces, my sister in law or anyone else I might recognize. Then we walked up to the counter and I said we have a membership under my Mom's name. (part of the grand kiddos Christmas) Told them my Mom's name and she replied the membership has been used today already. Ok, I said but she has enough for all her grand kids. Yes there is a father here on field trip, from the small town my brother lives in and he used them. HMMM. My brother no dought. So I flipped out my phone,call my brother and heard my brother's cheerful hello. Hi I said can you come to the front of the Science Spectrum. He asked are your here and need 2 tickets?, yes please. He appeared with 2 tickets.

So I got to visit with my brother and watch my niece Emma in action. She is growing up so fast. I still see her, as though she is 1, walking and shaking her hips as fast as she can around the park with a pacifier in her mouth and giggles spilling out. I tell ya, times goes by so fast.

That is how Cottonboll and I crashed Emma's field trip today.

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Camie said...

Oh,I hate that I missed you guys. But I'm so glad Neil got to go. I know Emma had fun showing off her cousin! And you're right, she is growing up WAY too fast!