Friday, May 8, 2009

More Catching up

More catching up to do.

We have been busy.

I begged Cottondust to build me some planter boxes or make a flower bed in the yard. He keeps saying he does not have time. (likely story) So every time I go to Wal-mart (which is almost every day) I bring home flowers and pretty flower pots to put them in and I'm lining them up on my patio and I have plans for the front yard also. ( I think he has figured out I'm serious about the flowers now! ) He has been helping us transplant the flowers in to my pretty pots. Cottonboll is so excited! She has helped transplant the flowers and helps me water and take care of them.

Cottonboll and I spend a little time each day checking on the flowers and watering them. We are always excited to go to Wal-mart for more. When Cottondust gets home and sees we have more flowers and pretty pots all he can do is give me that smile I love so much! Oh and of course help Cottonboll and I transplant them, but of course he is the pro.

Cottonboll and I walked in the March of Dimes. Or rather I walked and pull her in a wagon for 4 miles. Thanks so much to all my friends who helped me pull her up the hills! We really had a great time. I forgot my camera. So Cottondust caught up to us after the walk and I have picture after the walk.

We are having a after the walk snack of popcorn and cotton candy.

We have matching T-shirts that say antepartum angels and our name on the back. Oh yeah Cottonboll loves the T-shirt she had to were it to school.
After the walk there was family activities, games, jumping castle, firetruck and food. We stuck around after ward and played.

Driving a firetruck

Getting in the jumper seat

Buckling up.

As I mentioned before we have been busy so I still have more catching up to do. More to come soon. stay tuned.

Camie the books I was reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. There are 7 book in all the last one came out in April. It is another vampire series very good but a little racy.

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