Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yes, still playing Catch up

OK yes I'm still playing catch up. Like I said we have been busy and I was preoccupied reading.

Due to Cottondust and my crazy schedule Cottonboll had to go to work with Cottondust one morning for a couple of hours. He was due in a field to do what ever he does. I think he had to monitor the the farmer who was planting. Cottondust was so excited. She loves to go to work with Daddy and when she works with Daddy she has to wear her pink cap.
Cottonboll dressed for work with Daddy
Thursday was Mom's and Muffins day.
Below are pictures of Cottonboll's and my typically day. This was Friday and we had a wonderful day together at home.

We watered our flowers, with Dakota's approval

Put puzzles together, read and played baby's.

And rode bikes. Don't you just love the pink and red stripped socks!

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