Thursday, May 7, 2009

Confession and Playing Catch up

Okay, Okay I'm sorry I started reading a series of 7 books and the books have taken all of my free time and then some. I am finish with the series, for now, until another book comes out. So I should have more time to do other things. ( I can hear Cottondusts in the back ground saying FINALLY). He gets neglected when I read. I have a compulsion, obsession with reading.I cant stop reading until there is nothing left to read. So I try very hard not to get into series of books, I cant do anything else. My house is a mess, I'm more sleep deprived than usual and Cottondust is grouchy from all the neglect. Cottonboll is great, I read while she is occupied doing other things or at the park, where I can watch, read and she can play. At night I read after she goes to bed which causes all the other previous mention stuff to not get done.

Anyway I have confessed now all 3 of my readers know why I have not posted anything.

Now to catch up.

Easter was good. We did the usual things. I worked the sat night before so I did not make it to church. Cottondust and Cottonboll went. I asked Cottondust to please take a picture of Cottonboll in her Easter dress. This one was the only one he took.

The Easter Bunny came while I was a sleep so Cottonboll's Easter basket was waiting for her when she got home.

Easter Egg hunt

Confetti eggs

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a confetti egg, cracked over my head and the mischievous, sweet laughter of my child was how I woke up on Easter Sunday. Oh yes confetti and eggs shells went all over my bed. Cottondust actually told her it was okay to crack the egg over my head while i was in bed. So guess who had to clean it up before we went to bed. Heheheeh yep. Cottondust.

More to catch up on. so I will post soon.


Patsy said...

I was wondering why you have not call or posted or anything. I hope to see you soon. Monday night I went to a meeting. We had a fund raiser by selling our old books and donating what we recieved for the books back into the chapter. I bought your dad and me a series of 5 books. He loves me so much. He said," I am having a hard time getting everything I need to get done and now i have books. I will get so far behide." This is coming from a man who hated reading 35 years ago. Now he has a hard time putting them down. He seems to read more than I do. Will I love you and I will see you very soon. Yea!!! School is almost over and I will have a life for a few weeks.

Camie said...

What were you reading??