Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Anniversary

Our Anniversary was May 18th. 13 years. Yes we got married young, so in love. This was our engagement picture. It was taken in October of 95. We were so young!!! I was so in love in I could not wait till May to get married. I tried, so hard to convince Cottondust to elope. I wanted to get married in Las Vegas. My Mom knew I wanted to elope and she had him promise to have a wedding. He kept the promise and to this day he stills says "You will love the memories of our wedding". Yes I love the memories, but I still would have like to go to Vegas. So "I'm trying to convince him to renew our vows in Vegas for our 15 or 20th wedding anniversary. Guess what he says about that. " He loves me, but he will not marry me again". I have a couple of years to work on him. Las Vegas and Elvis here we come!
I do treasure the memories of our wedding. It was May 18th 1996. I wanted an outdoor wedding in May with real flowers. It was hot, but I didn't care I was getting married! The wedding was at County Line on the patio, the flowers were so pretty and the trees so green. There were peacocks everywhere ( they made the worst sound every time the sound system came on. A loud caw)We talk all during the wedding! I don't remember talking or what we said but you can see us just chatting, smiling and laughing through out the ceremony on the video. We would pay attention to the preacher when we needed, said our vows on cue but during the music we started talking again.
Cottondust was so handsome, my heart still flutters thinking about how handsome he looked! So i guess i do love the memories. Happy anniversary. Here's to many more years.

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