Saturday, May 9, 2009

Still Catching Up.

Cottonboll had her end of the year program at her PDO. It was movies and "I'm a star" theme. Very cute! I took lots of pictures, but as always, the pictures have her classmates in them so I cant post them.

Cottonboll started going to this PDO program when she was 1. For the first year of her life, I worked nights, full time while Cottondust was going to school. I would come home after working 12 hour shifts and sleep when she slept. Of course for the first 6 months it was great. She slept, nursed and slept some more. The older she got, the less she slept. By the time she was 9months old it was getting hard to work and function as a Mom. Luckily, it was May, the end of school and my Mom was able to come and watch her while I slept. Cottondust and I started to talk about, what we were going to do when school started again and Mema went back to teaching. We both agreed day care was not an option. So we started looking into PDO programs at local Churches and at the church we were attending.
We decided on the PDO program, registered her and got ready.
The August she turned 1, Cottondust and I went to meet her teacher and fell in love with her. She was so friendly and Cottonboll took to her. Which was great, Cottonboll didn't and still doesn't take to a lot a people. The first Tuesday I dropped her off it was not easy!, but looking back it was the best decision we could have made to begin her education.
Cottonboll has gone there since then, except for the 8 months we lived in Hell (well the small town that i call hell anyway) , but she did finish the year out when we moved back. So technically she has gone there for the past 4 years.
I have loved and enjoyed each and every year and the teachers. I'm going to miss the factually and staff so much when we say our final goodbyes in May.
Cottonboll graduated from her PDO's pre-school. I know. I know where has the time gone! (sniff sniff) She is growing up so fast.
Holding her diploma

We are so proud of her!

Also, Last Wednesday Cottonboll and I went to her new to school to preregister for kindergarten. I have to admit, I'm nervous and I'm going to miss my baby. I'm not ready for this 5 day a week school thing. I can deal with the Tuesdays and Thursdays when she is at PDO but 5 whole days. I will miss my very talkative shadow at my side for the other 3 days. I will have to cut back working weekends, which is good and bad for many reasons. Seriously 5 days! so not ready for that. (most of the time)
more to post soon.