Thursday, June 11, 2009

Recital Weekend

We survived our very first dance recital. I have to tell to you, at one point Saturday Morning I wonder if we could or would survive!

We had two performance's. The first was at 10:00 Saturday morning. Cottonboll and I got up early to prepare for the first show.

Extra Curls for her hair.

I survive the bright red lipstick, blue eyeshadow and pink blush ordeal. Yes, Cottonboll had to wear makeup on stage, so we could see her face with all the lights. Yes, I had a very hard time with this. I have very strong feelings about makeup, nail polish, reveling clothing or anything that is not age appropriate for or on children. After rehearsal Friday night, I decided, the makeup does help to see the girls faces on stage and would be appropriate for this occasion. But it was still very hard to put makeup on my child. Cottonboll and I have had many conversion about makeup, age, dance recitals and will probably have many more.

We had a dressing room back stage to get the dancers ready(band hall). The dancers could only wear their costumes back stage and on stage, not in the audience ( not to ruin the surprise). So Saturday morning Cottonboll had to be ready and in line at 11:15. I went back stage at 10:15, I thought that should give us enough time to put on her costume, fluff her hair and apply make -up. Way, Way to much time! Girls from the age range of 3 to 6 all running wild with all types of costumes on and all of us moms saying stop that, come here, sit down, don't suck your thumb, don't touch your lips you will get red lipstick every were! (Moms way more stressed out then the dancers)

Finally after a very long hour, time to line up, but guess what? Cottonboll had lost one of her shoe bows. Here we go looking all over this band hall, with young girls running wild, in all types and colors of costumes looking for a stray yellow shoe bow. Found it, put it back on, made sure everything else was right then stood Cottonboll in line with her group.

Whew! After all that I was hot, tired, and thirsty, but no time to rest. I ran outside, back in to the auditorium, found a spot along the wall and waited once again. But this wait was much more pleasant, it was cool and I got to watch some of the other dance routines.

The Sunshine Dancing Kids entered the stage, Cottonboll did a great job! So cute, she remember her dance and sang her song. I was so proud and excited I forgot to breath! Cheered, cried almost past out (due to lack of breathing) as the group exited the stage, remembered I needed to breath, ran back around the building, back stage and showed an officer my badge, collected Cottonboll, showered her with praise, returned to the dreaded hot band hall, change her cloths and finally back around to the auditorium. So hot and thirsty at this point and very ready for lunch and a nap.

I did finally have lunch and a short nap before the next performance at 7 that night.

It was Cottonboll's day she loves to dance and she loves to perform. I am so proud of her and she is so brave!. She loved it and so did we. Daddy gave her roses and I gave her ballerina teddy bear for working so hard and doing a great job. Due to all the craziness the picture below was taken Sunday morning. Mommy was a bit tired! but Cottonboll was still very excited!

Dance Recital weekend.

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