Monday, November 24, 2008


My parents Thanksgiving is all ways the weekend before Thanksgiving Day. My mom will say it is because she didn't want her children to have to choose who to spend Thanksgiving with, them or in laws, but the truth is after we (me, my sister and brother) married and moved out, they want thanksgiving weekend to themselves. Once again Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom have a great thanksgiving weekend. Saturday was great.

So Saturday we had thanksgiving at my parent house. I didn't take many pictures (i know bad daughter bad bad), but we had a great time. When Cottondust, Cottonboll and I pulled up to my parents house, my dad was on the far side of the house, just out of eye shot from the front door, drinking a Diet Dr. pepper. I looked at Cottondust and said "he is hiding from my mom". Dad strolls over to us and I ask "hiding from mom?" dad replies "no just standing in the sun". (I didn't believe him either). We go in and mom is running around with a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels still cleaning and says " i don't know where your father went off to". Cottonboll says "he outside drinking a Diet Dr Pepper" uh oh busted...

The food was great and spending time with my family was wonderful. Cottonboll ran around like a wild child playing with her cousins. The men (Cottondust, Dad, my brother, Uncle and cousin in law) stood in the front yard talking and watching the kids run wild. The women (me, Mom, my sister, sister in law, cousin and aunt) stood in kitchen finished up the cooking ,talking and scooting kiddos back outside to play.

Saturday was a great day Happy Thanksgiving.

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