Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sea Lions at El Paso Zoo

Back in September we made a quick trip to ElPaso to see Cottondust's grandparents. (more on that later). On the way home we stop at the ElPaso Zoo. ElPaso Zoo is just big enough to enjoy with small children. Below is picture of the Sea Lions underground aquarium. One sea lion kept circling around the aquarium, right in front of the window. Cottonboll loved every minute of it. She asked if we could take the sea lion home. She said" he can swim in my pool" (she has a Kiddy pool)
Papa and cousin Zeke move in to get a closer look

around and around the sea lion went, to the children's delight

around and around

and around
Cottonboll says "he was swimming a round so silly"

I wonder what the sea lion thoughts were.
Papa and Nana when can we go back?

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