Friday, November 21, 2008

My House smells sooo yummy

Cottonboll and I made pumpkin pies to take to my parents house for their Thanksgiving on Saturday. We had a great time and Cottondust got home just in time to take pictures for us.

Adding brown sugar

mixing the pumpkin in the mixture

pouring the mixture in the pie shell.

The finished pie

Thanks Mom, Cottonboll and I had fun and I hope they are good. See you tommorrow

We made a total of 8 pumpkin pies. They smelled soooo good and tasted very good. Cottonboll help me with the first 3 and gave up waiting on them to finish baking and went off to play. After I snap the picture above, she had her bedtime snack and went to bed.
Cottondust was a great help also, he did take some pictures and kept me awake by playing Guess this Song. He was in the 80's mood. I have to admit I love late 80's and early 90's music. I am way cooler then he is. For years any time Cottondust doesn't understand something I am saying; I have stated in a southern draw "What we have here, is a failure to communicate" he looks at me like I'm nuts and I would say you know Guns-n-Roses.
Can you guess what song?
Its is the beginning of the monologue before the song Civil War.
We had way to much and I felt young and old all at the sametime.
Don't you just love Guns-n-Roses "Sweet Child of Mine", Def Leopard "Love Bits", "Hysteria"and don't forget "November Rain"
Bon Jovi "You Give Love a Bad Name", "Living on a Prayer" "Wanted Dead or Alive"
Just to name a few; we also listened to Micheal Jackson and Madonna
Any way, we had a fun Friday night of pie making and music history. And I am way cool!!!!

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Jessica said...

You are way cooler than me. That pie looks so good!!!!!