Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy 35th Anniversary

My parents have a great marriage. I grew up in loving home with loving parents who, love each other very much and have a great marriage. I remember my parents fighting like couples do and I remember them making up also. Most all I remember the love and care they have and still do for each other. November 24th is there 35th wedding anniversary's and We wish you a very happy Anniversary.

God Love them, but they use to embarrass me so with their PDA (public display of affection). One time I was in the 6th grade and we where at my sister basketball game. My Dad had his arm around my mom and would occasionally gently rub her back I was sitting with my friends and they said " look at your parents your dad is rubbing you moms back ooooooooooo". More than once I would go to school and some kid would come up to me and say "I saw your parents kissing on the front porch". Yes those times did embarrassed me but, I am and have always been thankful that my parents love each other and do show their love. So maybe that is the secrete to a happy marriage PDA.

Happy Anniversary

Here's to many more years
Love you Dad and Mom
Happy Anniversary

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