Friday, November 21, 2008

Blogging is so much FUN

This blogging thing is so much fun. Thank you Amy-Rose and Jessica for introducing me to blogging. Since I have started blogging I spend more time on our personal computer then I use too. I was working on another post this morning while Cottonboll was playing. Cottonboll is always singing or talking to someone or something so if she gets quiet, time to check on her. I got up to look for her and this is what I found. Cottonboll working on her own version of her blog. She received the pink laptop last year for Christmas and when we upgraded to a new computer, gave her the old keyboard and mouse to play with. She put them together to look like a desk top computer like the one I am using.
(She hasn't noticed me taking pictures of her yet)
Working so hard typing
using the mouse (still hasn't noticed me yet)

typing again

uh-oh busted

me "What are you doing?"
Cottonboll "blogging"
me "why do you have your laptop and a keyboard"
Cottonboll "it looks like yours"

smart girl

This is what Dakota was doing while I was blogging.

He is laying right behind me
(he doesn't know I'm taking his picture either)
busted again

The other post I was working on I will verify some facts with Cottondust and post soon.

Mom thanks for the recipe Cottonboll and I have big plans today after rest time to make pumpkin pies. I need a volunteer to photograph our pie making.
I have verify facts with Cottondust and posted CottonDust?????? below this post

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