Monday, November 17, 2008

Messy Habits

I work most weekends, Friday and Saturday night from 7pm to 7am. Therefore I sleep all day Saturday and half a day on Sunday. Cottondust and Cottonboll are on their own for the weekend and have been since Cottonboll was three months old . It works out great for our family. Cottonboll and Cottondust survive their weekends together very well. They are both happy, full and clean for the most part when I get up, but my house is not. Normally Sunday evening after dinner I turn into the wicked witch and every body has to help clean up and I stand and direct. (that goes there, this here, put your shoes in your closet)

Yesterday we had something special to do. (more on that later). So after our special after noon we went out to eat and had great time. Cottonboll was tired and was a sleep by 8. Cottondust and I enjoyed some time to our selves which leaves Cottonboll and me to pick today. Cottonboll and I had a busy Monday morning , had lunch with uncle Neil and aunt Camie and went to the library. Now is Monday afternoon Cottonboll is down for rest time and (surprise surprise) asleep. So my house is still a wreck ( i cant stand to have a messy house drives me nuts) i began to clean and discover new and old bad habits.

Cottonboll has a major problem keeping shoes on her feet. Guess how many pairs of her shoes were scattered through out the house (for now they are in front of her bedroom door until she gets up from nap time)

How many did you count. remind you that she only 4. (why does my 4 year old have all of these shoes?) I really don't know why.

9 pairs of shoes: 3 pairs of house shoes, 2 pairs of crocks, 1 pair of boots, tennis shoes, dress shoes and sandals.

9 pairs of shoes that she took out of her closet, wore, took off and left them scattered through out the house. 9 pairs of shoes. oh wait there is more she did not wear any of them to day.

Here are today's shoes by her bed. while the little shoe scattering monsters naps.

More family messy habits to come soon.

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Amy-Rose King said...

Loved your entry today! It made me laugh so hard because it is so like us! Especially the shoes and the messy house after working! I do the same thing with Natalie's stuff while she's napping and when I get home from work. Haha! Glad to know I'm not alone!