Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cotton Dust????

What exactly is cotton dust?? Meet the cotton dust culprit who has brought cotton dust into my house nightly for the past two weeks. My loving husband Cottondust him self. Many of you and your allergy's know it is cotton harvest time in West Texas. Cottondust works in cotton research and has been harvesting cotton in or behind a cotton harvester or "stripper" . He has a modified cotton stripper were he is able to ride on the back and collect samples. I wish I had a picture to show you. I will try to send the camera with Cottondust to get a picture. any way back to what is cotton dust.

Do you see the white specks on his jacket? cotton dust and lots of it. Not only is it on the front of his jacket but on the back as well and his cap.
and his jeans
(Do you see Dakota's tail?)
front and back
(Dakota says "hi")

entry side walk to front door
more on the side walk

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