Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Poor Old Man

The below freezing weather, has slowed down my poor Dakota. He has arthritis in his hips. Usually, first thing in the morning he carries his right hind leg, until his hips loosen up, and as the morning progresses he starts to use his leg more. During the past 2 days he looked so miserable and didn't want to get up. When he finally got up he looked to be in so much pain! Tonight he seems to be better and I see the young dog in him, as he happily chews his bone. He was very helpful when Cottondust took out the trash. He walk with him to the dumpster to look for cats and pee on everything there and back, using both legs.

Yes he needs a hair cut, but he does have his Valentine bandanna on

Why do dogs have to age so fast?

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