Monday, January 26, 2009

Work Gloves!

Last week Cottondust announced plans to work in the yard this weekend! So early Saturday morning he got up and realized it was to cold to start as early as he had planned, but that did not stop him. He decided Cottonboll needed work gloves to help him, so off the 2 of them went to Wal-Mart and I went back to bed. Hey it was 7:30 on a Saturday morning. Anyway they return way to soon for me and my morning nap. Cottonboll was very excited about her Dora work gloves and big plans to help Daddy rake leaves. Saturday was to cold to get started so Cottondust had to wait until Sunday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon the 2 of them finally got to work in the yard. No I stay inside and cleaned house (with out too much help) allot faster this way! I also snuck outside to snap a few pictures to Cottonbolls delight and Cottondust irritation and occasional comment like "Why don't you help" "there is another rake" " Were are the work gloves I bought you".

This is the picture I got when I ask to take a picture of her work gloves. She was way to interested in raking leaves at this point.
Cottondust and Cottonboll working hard
Stomping down the leaves. This was Cottonbolls favorite!
Cottonboll had her own trash can to help haul leaves to the dumpster (old plastic planter)
Our poor old man Dakota, his arthritis was hurting him, but he still wanted be in on the action. He did finally come in the house and hang out with me after a while

As any 4 year old she has a short attention span when it comes to work. Cottonboll did work hard and help her Daddy rake leaves as the pictures above shows, but she also ran in and out of the house and in and out of the garage trying out her other tools. Her little red rake also came with a yellow shovel and a purple hoe which she had to try out. At one point she ran in the house and asked if she could take her wheel barrel out side to pick up sticks. Sure I said, then she said "Daddy said I sure am chasing down more equipment then I am leaves". laughed her little laugh and went off to get her wheel barrel. All Icould do was laugh !!!

and oh yes! she did have to jump in the pile of leaves also.

But she sure did work hard too!

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