Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a week

Caution not for the weak stomach! BewareLittle Miss Cottonboll has had a very mean and nasty stomach bug this past week. It all started last Saturday morning. I had worked Friday night and scheduled to work Saturday night as well. Cottonboll had spent the night at Nana's house, Cottondust was still dozing and I was tucked into bed and about to drift off to sleep with the help of a sleep aid (to insure I will sleep and not hear the day world). Nana called and said Cottonboll has thrown up. I said oh no I hope she is not sick, Cottondust jumped up and said I will go check on her, she probably ate to fast and started playing to hard. U-uh, sure! I will go make some coffee!. No no he said, sleep, I will call you if we need you. So off he went and called an hour later, uh yea she is sick! As soon as she can travel we will be home and honey what do I do? I said wait it out, keep a trash can close, keep her comfortable and give her ice chips. Call me if you need me and let me know when you guys get home.

Cottondust was great! He took great care of her, by the time they finally made is home he had it all under controlled. He new by the look on her face she needed a trash can and a cool wash cloth. Saturday she threw up all day, Saturday night I called her Pediatrician's nurse and ask for a suppository to help her stop throwing up and rest. She finally stop throwing up and slept on and off for most of the night, Sunday morning the diarrhea started! and she did not want to eat ice chips or sip anything. Spirit was sour and had rolling bolls in her mouth, the same with Ginger Ale and don't even get me started on what she said was wrong with pedialyte. Have you ever tasted that stuff? yucky! I had to agree with her on that one. She did have 2 Popsicles, few bits of jello and attempted chicken broth. Monday the same, diarrhea, not drinking and me pleading, please a sip, ice chip? So Monday night we tried orange Gatorade, ( Gatorade does not have the right mix of water, sugar and minerals for children) I was desperate at this point. We sat down and she sipped and I pushed. Bad mistake, She throw up everywhere. OK this is it! I am calling her Pediatrician in the morning.

Tuesday morning she woke up with sunken dark eyes, cracked lips and sticky mouth but, she wanted ice chips and to play. Yahoo!. I talk the her Pediatrician's nurse and she encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing and we both agreed she had finally turned the corner. We play a few hands of Go fish, she nippled on ice chips, a Popsicle and became very tired, we laid down to rest. She woke up dry heaving was weak and listless. This is it! we are going to the ER for a IV hydration.

The ER Doctor was a jerk! He examined her and turned and looked at me. Why do you think she needs an IV? Because she has been throwing up, has had diarrhea and has not been able to keep anything down or in since Saturday! She is weak and listless and look at her! He stated "Well the inside of her nose is still moist. We will draw labs, get a urine and stool sample and we will see how dehydrated she is. Then gave me a look and left the room. JERK! Cottondust ask what does that mean? I said he thinks I, we are stupid! and he doesn't think she needs an IV.

To make a long story short she was dehydrated and we ended up spending 2 nights in the hospital for IV rehydration. Dr Jerk went off duty and did not see her labs to see how dehydrated she was. The doctor who came on was very nice and reviewed her labs and call her Paediatrician.

Cottonboll is very glad to be home and feels so much better. Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Love The Cottondust family.

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