Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Being REAL!

Okay. Me being real here again, bear with me.

I went to my first weight watcher's meeting (again) yesterday. I need the meetings and support! I have tried to lose weight on my own ,but I have to be held accountable for my weight. Does that make sense? I need some one (an anonymous someone ) to weight me and say "you had a good week!'. "Keep trying" or "bad week huh?". So here I go again! Once again I know what I need to do and how, but why cant I eat healthy all the time?

The concept is basically the same. You can eat what every you want, as long as you stay with in your points limit, of course the healthier you eat, the more food you can eat. The New Momentum plan helps you feel satisfied, by choosing healthier foods that will help you lose weight and keep you satisfied. Also track every thing you eat and drink (accountability again). Eat smarter, attend meetings, build helpful habits and move more. Sounds easy huh? HA!

I have the concept down now for putting it into to motion. I'm not a breakfast eater! Never have been! But everything I have read says "skinny people eat breakfast" So this week goal is to eat breakfast. (Building helpful habits!) I will keep you posted.

Attend meetings.... check
Building helpful habits.......check

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