Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to routine

Back to routine! Eating a snack and watching Tinkerbell before bedtime.

After a fun filled Christmas's break and a very long week of being sick we are back to our normal routine. Cottonboll is back at PDO Tuesday and today. Loving every minute of it! She came home Tuesday full of stories of what happened that day , what she learned, who said what and so on. The other kiddos ate up every bite of her stories about her straw in her hand to help her drink. So interesting and funny to hear her tell it and answer questions about her hospital experience. I love the mind of a 4 year old! Cottonboll went back to Dance class yesterday and wore one of her new dance outfits. so cute. Then after dance class she dance all over the house until dinner time and I made her change clothes to eat.

Cottondust is back a work also. Last week he went into the office some but not much. I think he is glad to back at work. The man must have something to do outside and stay busy if not he turns into a very grumpy man. When I tried to give him something to do over the holidays he wasn't very interested!, but did it any way and was still slightly grouchy at times. Got to love him! It was nice to have him home most of the time, because God knows I do love that man!

Dakota is doing well also. He loved us all being home over the Christmas break too. He was not thrilled about last week when Cottonboll was to sick to play or let him in or out of the house at his will and didn't like when we were not home for 2 days. He had to stay in his room, but other then that he is the same old man. (Please scratch my ears, help me on the bed or couch) sweet old man!

I pretty much worked my regular schedule I just had more sleep! Back to routine means days like today when I can sneak off and get my hair done all by my self. Oh yea, less sleep, but I hear sleep is over rated anyway.

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