Tuesday, March 31, 2009

House Chores and kiddos

Yesterday as I attempted to do some laundry and clean house, Cottonboll was following me around and not letting me get much done. So I decide I would give her a pair of safety scissors, a glue stick and Christmas's wrapping paper. I drew shapes and had her practice cutting and gluing. The activity worked great I was able to finish cleaning the kitchen and get some of the laundry washed. Of course snap a few pictures.

Cottonboll does help with the chores. She always goes on a dish hunt. Which in our house, she goes to every room and brings all the dishes she can find back to the kitchen, ranging from drinking cups to things she has taken from the kitchen to play with.

Chores, Kiddos and Moms how to get all done. Takes skills or something.

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Patsy said...

I see that you are now glad that I bought her the sissiors and glue. Children can have so much fun practicing skills while you get housework done. love you. Mom