Thursday, March 5, 2009

Windy dusty day

In honor of today's windy dusty day I thought I would post a picture of my dusty dirty dog and daughter. When the wind blows 100 miles an hour, (I know more like 110 miles an hour) like it does all the time here. My back patio gets covered in fine dirt. Dakota loves to nap on the patio and he does not care if it is covered in fine dirt and therefor becomes very dusty. The picture above does not do the dust covered duo justice. Cottonboll has had a bath, but poor Dakota has not. He does not understand why I will not let him roam the house as he is accustom to. He has to stay outside or in his room until I have time to give him a bath.

So I guess this goodnight, I must go give poor Dakota a bath so we may all sleep tonight.

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