Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Painfully Sleepy

Have you ever been so tired and sleepy that it hurts. Your eye lids burn and are so heavy. Things, people and thoughts do not make sense. Oh and don't forget about the noise. When I'm tired and sleepy I hate noise. TV is too loud. Cars passing by, too loud. birds chirping, dogs barking, Cottondust's voice (he has a loud voice that carries even when your not sleepy) all to loud. Why is the TV on anyway. Annoying and loud. Things just don't make sense. I need sleep.
Oh don't get me wrong I love Cottondust's voice, but when I'm tired little to loud at times, but soothing. Doesn't make sense, does it?

Do you know what I am rambling on about? Sorry once again for posting non important thoughts but thought I needed to share anyway.

Did you know that Cottondust can sing? He will tell you that he carries his tune in a bucket, but he can sing and it is very soothing. Cottonboll and I both calm down and get still when he starts to sing. At night, he looks on line for music videos to his favorite songs and sings along with them. Actually, one of the easiest ways to get Cottonboll to get ready for bed, is to offer her if she hurries up, brushes her teeth we will watch videos with Daddy. Her favorite 2 are George Straits Old Troubadour and She will Leave you with at Smile. If Cottondust does not sing a long we have to restart the videos.

Ok ok I feel better. thanks for listening.

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