Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rainforst Theme Trip

Trip to Aunt Christina's house part 1. Rainforest Theme.

We got to aunt Christina's house late Thursday night, said hello to a very excited Zeke, and a tired Aunt Christina and Uncle Steve.

Cottondust had something work related to do Friday, so he got up and went to work Friday morning. Christina and I got up, dressed the kiddos and headed off the to the mall to shop. I miss shopping so much. I forget how much I like to walk through a mall and just shop. Shopping is so much fun! We went to a mall in Gripevine, which has several children's clothing outlet stores. We shop for kiddos clothing. Cottonboll is now ready for spring and summer. Also some what ready for fall, alot of fall/winter clothing were on clearance. Such great deals.

About noon Cottondust caught up with us and we had lunch a the Rainforest Cafe. Truly a neat place to go at least once. Cottonboll and Zeke loved it. At first Cottonboll was not sure about the storms and animals moving, but after the first storm she figured it out and had a good time.

She really did have a good time, even tho she looks scared to death in this picture.

Zeke had a great time, not much bothers him. He could care less about the lights flickering on and off and the animals moving. He was happy to color and steal chips from Cottondust's plate. So cute.
As we were waiting for a table we walked around the gift shop and there was a diver in the fish tank cleaning the tank. I got a cool picture of Cottondust and Cottonboll with the diver.

A couple of Christmas's ago Steve and Christina got Cottonboll a teddy bear from Build a Bear Workshop. The bears name is Precious. She has several outfits with matching shoes and panties. Cottonboll loves her and changes her outfits daily. The plan was to let her build her own stuff toy at the end of the day. After all the shopping and lunch we walk around to the Build a Bear Workshop, told her and Zeke the news. They were so excited. Cottonboll had a hard time trying to figure out what she wanted, she thought about a puppy, Hello kitty or maybe a pink bear. She finally decided on a brown horse. Zeke had the same problem but he finally chose the same brown horse.

pressing the foot paddle to add stuffing and loving

Choosing a heart

Making a wish

First shower

The fun part! choosing cloths and accessories. Rainbow tennis shoes, pink skates, rainbow shirt and a hot pink skirt of course. Zeke horse had black converse shoes and skates.

Meet Rainbow the Skating Pony and not pictured Mickey the other skating pony.

We ended a day at the mall with a carousal ride.

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