Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad/Papa

Today is my Dads 61st Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad/Papa.

My Dad is truly a mess. He has always been full of life, the family clown and a pranksters. He can touch his nose with his tongue and is very proud of it! Like I said a MESS. He also has a soft heart and is very kind. In October when we lost our dog I called him and he came over and help me look for him. He knock on all my neighbors doors and walked the neighbor. That was also the day he looked at my tree in the front yard and asked "do you like your tree like that?" no I said we just haven't had the time to prune it. The next weekend, he call and said that he and mom were coming to visit Saturday morning. Mom came to visit, Dad came with his chain saw and pruned my tree. He is also a great Papa. Cottonboll said " he is very silly" Over Christmas he was out and about and bought special Christmas's gifts that reminded him of each grandchild

He is one of kind.


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