Thursday, February 19, 2009


I started writing this Thursday night. finally posted it tonight.
I'm afraid our old man might be trying to lose his mind! Is is possible for a dog to go crazy in his old age? I truly hope Dakota has not lost his mind.

Dakota does not like to be by himself. So most nights he sleeps in our bed. Sometimes we can put him in his room and he will stay there, but like I said most nights he sleeps with Cottonsdust and me.

Last night I work until 1:00am got home about 1:20, ready to crash. I had talked to Cottondust about 11:00 he said Dakota is in our bed. No big deal. I get home and Dakota is on the floor next to our bed, a little strange. I ask him if he wanted to go out side. He got up and moved closer to the bed, so I put him on the bed. I start getting ready for bed and he jumps off the bed and goes into Cottonboll's room. I go get him and as we walk by the back door he decides he wants to go outside, out he goes.

I finish getting ready for bed, let Dakota back in, put him back on the bed and crawl into bed. 2 seconds later Dakota is by face whining. What? I asked him. Go to your spot and go to sleep. He moves over to Cottondust's side and does the same thing. Cottondust wakes up and wants to know why I didn't let the dog outside. Huuuuuuff, I did I don't know what his deal is. Cottondust in grouchy tone said do something. I'm trying! Huuuuff, huuuuuff. Cottondust moves Dakota to the end of the bed and we try to go to sleep.

Just about the time I started to doze off, Dakota jumps off the bed and goes back into Cottonboll's room. As I' m trying to get him out of her room and she wakes up. HUUUUUFF again. After several questions, why are we in her room, when did you get home Mommy?she goes to the bathroom, gets a drink of water, sing Twinkle Twinkle Little star, I finally get her back to bed. I leave her room, taking Dakota with me.

It is now about 2:30 in the morning I have been up since 7:30 and I'm tired, grouchy and cold. I take Dakota to his room, put up the gate and go back to bed. As soon as I get comfortable, Dakota starts barking! Bark quit for a minute, Bark quit, bark quit. I let him do this for about 10minutes, afraid that the barking with wake up Cottonboll I get up again. HUFF HUUUUUUUUUUUFF.

I put him back on the bed push him down to his spot and try once again to get comfortable. He comes back up to my face and starts whining again. It is now after 3:00 am. What? What is wrong? Go to sleep.

Dakota and I finally came to compromise I let him stay next to me and I scratch his ears. He finally relaxed and went to snoring. Now I cant sleep! So I start to wonder what on earth is wrong with him. Is he losing his mind, is he worried about Cottonboll for some unknown reason or is it the Fajita smell in my house?

I made Fajitas last night before I went to work and the house smelled like fajitas. So I'm hoping the smell had something to do with his crazy behavior and he is not losing his mind. I finally fell asleep and Cottonboll comes bouncing into my room at 6:30. Sleep is overrated.

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