Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cottonboll turns 5

A Little catching up to do!

On August 5th Cottonboll turned 5

We had a Tinkerbell in Space birthday party! It was at the Science Spectrum, friends dressed up as Tinkerbell and friends. We also crawled inside a space bubble and looked a the stars and constellations. Then after the party the kiddos played at the Science Spectrum.

The party was fun, the kiddos had a great time and for the the 1st time it was not a my house. So great, for the stress factor and I did not have to clean my house twice. Before the party and after the party. So great !
I took many pictures but I cant post a lot of them because of the other children but I do have some I can post.

I love the pictures, of my niece Lily and Cottonboll. Lily is tying Cottonboll's ribbon back in her hair

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