Monday, September 28, 2009

This summer went by so fast! and now I cant keep up with Fall!

After we got into our school routine Cottonboll started Dance class again and is now also playing indoor soccer. It seems like we are always so busy.

Cottonboll and I have finally adjusted to a 5 day a week school. (It was much easier for Cottonboll ), but we, ok I have adjusted. We treasure our time together from 3:15 till 5:00. Eating a snack and just chatting. She really is very funny. I love to see the world through her eyes.

Every Tuesday night she has homework. We cut out pictures from a magazine beginning with the letter of the week. Remember doing that, I do! She is learning so much, such a little sponge. Everyday she comes home and tells me about her day and what she learned. So amazing how the little things we thought we just knew was once taught to us in kindergarten. One day last week she came and home and explained the past, present and future to me. Then there are days when we are riding in the car and she starts singing a new song about pennies, nickles and dimes. She is so amazing and I'm a proud Mom.

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