Monday, August 31, 2009

First Week of School

Of course Cottonboll had a great first day and week! She is and was so excited to go back each and every day. The only issue she has had is with lunch! The first day of school, was enchilada day. It didn't go over so well. She said it looked so yucky and didn't taste it, but she did try the rice and said "The rice had a pepper in it and IT did not taste like my Nana's rice"Luckily the next day was cheese pizza day and that was great! She came home and said lunch was great I got to eat pizza!
Lunch has really been the only issue. She loves the structure and rules of school. Cottonboll talks non stop of her day, "first we do this, then clean up and we go to P.E. we have to wear tennis shoes, no flip flops or sandals, so if I wear my sandals I have to take tennis shoes in my back pack! She talks just like that and forgets to take a breath, I love it!
So I guess we are surviving school, even though it is 5 Days a week and all day long. But I still think 5 days a week is a bit much maybe 3days?

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