Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Working in the yard

We have been working on/in the yard. I use the word we loosely. I have really bad allergies. (I do!) So when the lawn mower starts I take a Zyrtec-D and hide.

This particular day in June the lawn mower was not working. Cottondust had the lawn mower in the back of his pickup and was working on it. Cottonboll ran in the house and said "I need my tools! Daddy needs help fixing the lawn mower". All I could see was a bright orange and green blurr, then back out the door she goes with her tool box in hand. Every girl needs a tool box and tools.
This is Cottonboll' s tool box. Please notice the stolen napkin rings!

In the above picture, she is trying to convince Cottondust the lawn mower needs the stolen napkin ring.

Cottonboll is such a good helper! Asking lots of questions.

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