Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lysol Disinfectant

I have been invaded by what I call sugar ants. ( I don't know if they are really called that or not but I'm calling them sugar ants) Little reddish, brown, black ants. Over the weekend in our rush to get everything needed done, done, a bowl of dry coco puffs was left on my night stand. Monday morning Cottonboll and I noticed what I called sugar ants on the window sill marching in a line. After the initial shock of it wore off I convinced Cottonboll that they are harmless little sugar ants. Leave them alone and we will tell Daddy when he gets home. He will get rid of them. He did try! He took out his handy dandy spray bottle and sprayed underneath and around the windows. He came back in and said I didn't see any but I sprayed anyway. Good hopefully that will take care of that.

WRONG. Those darn little ants continue to march in as the sun warms up the window sill and march out as the sun goes down. Do you know how many questions I have to answer about the ants.
Why are they walking in a line? Do they have eyes? can they see? Why do they run into each other? Were do they come from? Were do they go? Are they girls? Are they boys? Are they babies? Were is the mommy? were is the daddy? are they sisters? brothers? Oh Many many more questions!

I also get a minute to minute updates about the ants. They ants are here. They are marching on your window sill, They are marching in a line, They have two lines now. almost a circle! Come see it is so cool! Some are marching on the floor now. look some of them are running in to the other ants. SEE, hurry you have to see. they look like robots, but they are not robots! The ants are going home. The sun is going down.

Cottonboll also tells me approx hove many ants are on my window sill.

Last night I complained again about the ants and I encouraged Cottonboll to ask Daddy all the questions she asks me about the ants. So, after about 20 mins of questions he got on line and looked up sugar ants. He read alls kinds of information., but that was all he did. So today I super cleanned. I moved the nightstand and bed. swept and mopped. and Sprayed a whole can of Lysol Disinfectant around the window, window sill and floor. I think that took care of it.

i guess lesson learned, 1. dont leave cocopuffs out 2.Lysol Disinfectant can kill sugar ants along with everything else. 3. just take care of things your self!

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