Sunday, May 2, 2010

So much to catch up on!

There is so much to catch up on I don't know where to start!

I still do not have a computer! My computer crashed and is long gone. I'm still waiting on Santa Clause to by my another one! HAHAHAHA.

I miss posting so much! So sorry there will be no pictures this post, but i will try to catch you up.

First of all there will be a new baby Cottonboll arriving very soon! I'm pregnant and due in June! If I make it that long! Its a BOY! We all very excited and counting the days till he is here!

Cottonboll is very excited to be a big sister! She always has lots of questions from how to when and can he sleep in my room? She now has a new room that is painted pink and no play room. We have worked very hard to get her in one room and keep it neat. Papa has built shelves in her new closet, we have under bed totes for dress up clothes and she even let me get rid of some of her toys. For the ones who do not know this, my Dad, (Papa) is a pack rat and my daughter has inherited this gene and it is very strong in her! I mean very strong she will not let go of anything! This pack rat gene is not strong in me and I can get rid if stuff! so we have battles junk vs trash all the time. Cottonboll letting me get rid of stuff was ans is a big deal!

Cottondust is excited also. We had issues about baby Cottonboll's name, but we have worked them out and the baby Cottonboll does have name.

Cottondust is very busy this time of year and feels pressure. The bigger and more uncomfortable I get and the more the more pressure he feels. I have warned him I don't think I will make it to June, I'm thinking the end of May sounds good to me. So he feels pressure to tie up lose ends at work and be prepared for the big day.

I will try to post as soon as I can again! till then check back on and off!

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Camie said...

Yay! A post! So excited about baby! Can't wait to meet him! Names are so HARD! We have pretty much nothing for ours...might have a repeat of Baby Weems like Neil was. HA! We are gonna have to let the girls get together to give you a little break this summer! We have a fun pool in Brownfield I plan on living in. Maybe she can come play!